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New York Times’ Quotation of the Day, for 12/2/03:

“You can be a social conservative in the U.S. without being a wacko. Not in Canada.”
– Chris Ragan, McGill University economist.

(in the article on the increasing political differences between the United States and its neighbor in the north; fascinating article; which leads me to wonder – aren’t there wackos in Canada? Aren’t we all wackos in the end???).

Oh, and check out what’s new on CNN, where there’s Anderson Cooper’s laugh-out loud funny commentary on the recent news of Roy Disney’s resignation from the board of Disney (which included a demand that CEO Michael Eisner resign). (although, you’ll have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the transcript to get the interesting lines…) . My access to cable is limited, so I didn’t actually watch Cooper make the remarks, but the textual “look” of the commentary just made me gasp with giggles. Among other things, Cooper said, regarding Roy Disney’s complaint that Eisner micromanages the corporation: “So what exactly is micro-management at Disney? Well, CNN has learned that, in the past, Disney management has used small people, some of whom are seen here in this video, not only to work as miners but also to sing and dance, a clear OSHA violation.” Hehehe. Give the man a hand; not only was he an interesting host for “The Mole,” but he’s an anchorman with a little bite.

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