Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2014!

The moon wasn’t all that apparent on the night of 9/8/14, due to clouds, but close enough. There was even a gorgeous sunset, if you put yourself on the right spot. Anyway, it’s still that time of year for mooncake (over at Facebook, FC shared the link to the Wikipedia entry on mooncake).

Not that I’m some traditional culture practitioner in any way, so it’s not like I still understand the Mid-Autumn Festival, and personally, I do kind of think of mooncake as the Chinese version of fruitcake – if it’s good, it’s good old-fashioned lardy good and delicious. If it’s not, it’s good old-fashioned lardy “ugh.” Nonetheless, it’s the time to go eat one (a piece of it, and if you’ve grown up on this stuff, you know what I mean).

See here for FC’s take on mooncake in San Francisco; my take on mooncake in San Francisco; my fondness for cold mooncake. If you type in a search for mooncake, you might find other commentary we have here about it (although connected to other parts of the lives of us triscribers).

Goodness, even Godiva’s getting in on the Mid Autumn Festival, with a chocolate gift box.

Actually, I’m still in denial that it’s September.  The last couple of nights, the folks in downtown Manhattan have done the test runs of the Tower of Lights. It’s really a time to be thoughtful and more determined. Whatever that might be. Part of me feels anxious – like, I’m going to back to school, except, oh, yeah, no I’m not. But, it’s sort of energizing.

I think I still owe a belated fill-in-about hiatus post, but … eventually.  Enjoy the moon!


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