Interesting article. Apparently food safety regulators are concerned about how Asian people in America store Asian food:

Two Asian delicacies are the subject of a simmering debate pitting merchants who like to store them at room temperature for hours against food safety regulators who worry the practice could allow bacteria to build up.

One is a rice cake filled with fatty pork and beans, wrapped in banana leaves and served during the Lunar New Year. Another is a baked pastry consisting of lotus paste and a duck egg yolk. [….]

The “lotus paste and a duck egg yolk” things sounds an awful lot like mooncake, if you asked me (I could be very completely wrong about that, being the not-entirely-knowledgeable ABC that I am). But, I’m in the mind that if a billion plus Asian people eat some of this stuff and haven’t been that harmed, how bad can the stuff be? (particularly mooncakes, which admittedly don’t get refrigerated when you buy them off the shelves, but they’re so preserved, what’s the point? Anyhoo, they taste better cold if you asked me). Uh, never mind…

The Entertainment Weekly double issue/Fall tv preview! This is going to take awhile to read and analyze.

A story on the concept of brunch.

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