Post-Super Bowl Stuff

Well, the Super Bowl was a bit of a let-down, considering that the Denver Broncos were blown out by the Seattle Seahawks.  But, I still believe that Peyton Manning is a great quarterback.  And, I’ll give the Seahawks all the credit for being the better team last Sunday; definitely not about bad luck on the Broncos’ fault.

The NY-NJ Super Bowl was supposed to be the mass-transit one, but it turned out that the NJ Transit wasn’t that ready for so many people, so people groused about that; oh, well, on the bright side, nothing went wrong as far as security went.

And, the Monday after the Super Bowl had snow – the wet and heavy kind.  At least it didn’t happen before or just after the game?

The day of the Super Bowl was already marred by the passing of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. I was amazed by how many movies I had seen him in, including one of the earliest things I remembered seeing him in a PBS documentary, “Liberty! The American Revolution.” He was also such a New Yorker, getting reported in the newspapers for being seen around town doing regular stuff, like eat with friends.  I do agree with David Denby of The New Yorker on how Hoffman’s passing seemed so mystifying and so tragic: a loss of one of the great actors of a generation.

That Hoffman had so much going for him, was such a talent with a load of work, and yet so human – maybe that’s why the news shook so much in the media.

During the week, there was the passing of Ralph Kiner, the tv voice of the NY Mets.  Somehow down the line, Ralph Kiner became a NYC institution, in being a part of NY Mets broadcasting history (since it’s not like Mets history is loaded with legends). Thanks for Kiner’s Korner and the malaprops, and good spirits.

A very strange week before the Olympics…

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