Super Bowl Eve 2014

As Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” says: are you ready yet for “Superb Owl XLVIII,” in the great New York City outerborough of… East Rutherford?… (no offense to New Jersey; I do have to keep paying for my NJ law license).

Super Bowl Boulevard (also known as Broadway) hopefully benefited businesses in midtown (probably more of a mixed bag, according to NY1). I managed to walk through it on Friday afternoon, after attending the morning’s event for the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA).  I didn’t line up to see the Vince Lombardi trophy, but it was cool seeing it as I stood by the ABC building (i.e., the “Good Morning America” site) at West 44th Street (uh… otherwise the street of the New York City Bar Association).   The area was tourist-filled, and I don’t think that I had ever seen so many Seattle Seahawk fans. I saw a couple of people with Bronco knitwear – the kind that looked like the Bronco on one’s head – so goofy!

I don’t think I’ve ever imagine seeing tobogganing on 42nd Street.  I guess it’s one of those “It’s winter” gags, since I’m not even sure how toboggans have anything to do with football.  Maybe it was more of an Olympics tie-in?   But, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It kind of got goofier when  our politicians got on board with it, with Mayor deBlasio, his son, US Senator Schumer, and whoever else took on a toboggan race (link to NY1).

I hope NJ businesses also benefit, but the reality is that this is a bi-state effort – and the tourists aren’t going to avoid NYC.  Seriously – it’s not like Meadowlands is a hub of tourism (or maybe I’m missing something, but I remember not enjoying the NJ Bar exam there). The outlets malls are worth a visit. And, Hoboken’s cool – I heard that they put up huge “XLVIII” Roman numerals in honor of the game. Oh, and even curling in honor of the Olympics…

Everyone has been getting in on celebrating the Super Bowl, even the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with its exhibition on football cards until 2/10/14.

It is exciting that the Super Bowl is here.  It’s expected not to be insanely cold after all.  I had been predicting two weeks ago that it’d be seasonably cold for the game; it appears that a high of 51 tomorrow.  Dare I prognosticate on the score?…

I’m hoping for Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning all the way!  I am impressed by the Seattle Seahawks.  I think… Broncos, 21-17.  No money; just glory.  Or a trip to Disney World!

(at least, I hope that I won’t jinx the Broncos; I’m just a casual sports fan; please, gods of Football, do the right thing!).

And, hopefully the game will end on time so that I can watch the finale episode of “Sherlock” on PBS.  PBS – what on earth are you doing with the timing?  When CBS aired Elementary after the Super Bowl last year, well, at least that was the game and the series were on the same network…

Is it too much to hope that because it’s the Year of the Horse, this could be fortuitous for the Denver Broncos?…

Oh, and thank goodness, on time for the NY-NJ Super Bowl: NY Giants’ own Michael Strahan is going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame (Sports Illustrated link, AP article).

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