Cold February Weekend

The passing of Don Knotts. I’m of the generation that knew him best as Mr. Furley of “Three’s Company” (particularly since I probably watched far too much of that show when I was young). Man, is it sad that both John Ritter (the ex-Jack Tripper) and Don Knotts are gone.

The passing of Darren McGavin, who – among other things – was known for his cult fave role of Kolchak, of the old 1970’s show, “Kolchak: The Night Stalker.” ABC tried a re-make this fall of the show, with a tiny McGavin appearance, but the re-make series was cancelled (I never got a chance to try it).

More notably (and why I take notice of McGavin), Kolchak inspired Fox Mulder of “The X-Files” – the FBI agent who investigates the paranormal/supernatural/unidentified space phenomenon, and takes a more official course that Kolchak, a reporter who investigated the same stuff, probably lacked – but they probably had the same frustration (i.e., being thwarted from investigating very much). (okay, so I did watch too much X-Files during its original run). Anyway, I’d salute McGavin.
This week’s Entertainment Weekly reviewed the Oscars. These special issues — well, I guess it’s what EW is known for having these days. But, what I really liked – the article on Mark Harmon! His NCIS is getting big ratings, so who’s to ignore the All-American guy? Notably, NICS creator/producer, Don Bellisario (the man behind such shows as “Magnum, PI,” “Quantum Leap,” and “JAG”) apparently liked Harmon in West Wing as the ill-fated Secret Service agent – and, I agree – that role was a good role for Harmon. I have my quibbles about his NCIS charater Agent Gibbs (he’s much too tough, making it too obvious that he has a soft heart – I mean, really, Mark Harmon!), but Harmon’s a good actor, who has longevity. Goodness, EW even got Harmon to reminisce about his role on “Chicago Hope” (I lost hope on that show when Mandy Pantinkin and Peter MacNicol left; it was a typical David E. Kelley show that too often didn’t put enough respect for the characters, I long felt) and his work in… “Battle of the Network Stars”! (I was far too young to really appreciate the old “Battle of the Network Stars,” but I think it’s funny how EW notes that NBC did strangely well in it – with Mark Harmon on the NBC team – in what was really an early “reality show”; and I’ve always been convinced that – until recent years – NBC did a good job having network identity and unity, via their old promos in the 1980’s and 1990’s).

Been behind on “House” – but I’m pretty sure that Dr. House is going to self-destruct and it ain’t going to be pretty. Dr. Wilson, if you’re really his best friend, please, do something. Or maybe, Dr. Wilson’s marital problems will be the next storyline to tackle. I mean, really, how much longer will the current Mrs. Wilson be off-screen?

And, a bit behind on “Grey’s Anatomy” – looks like I wasn’t far off the the mark on Meredith Grey’s issues about her dad. Hmm…

And, the Olympics will soon come to an end (the closing ceremonies are on tv tonight). Ah, but it’s been fun, Turin!  (despite the controversies and the like).

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