All Olympics, All the Time

Ok, it’s bad enough that I’m a major insomniac and that I blog at strange hours.  But, it’s almost funny – I just let the tv on NBC and let the Olympics go.  On and on and on.  Imagine if I had cable – it’d be seriously non-stop Olympics with the networks of NBC (although, arguably, I’d then have some live coverage of something if I had cable).

I still wish NBC would show Olympics in a a straightforward fashion, rather than this “hold your suspense, let’s show this other event…” piecemeal fashion.  But, you have to admit, watching this Olympics … man.  Plenty of thrills and spills.  Arielists are crazy – that is dangerous – a cross between gymnastics and skiing – you have to land – or break a limb (literally).  Ugh.  Painful to watch!

I was never particularly fond of ice dancing (at one point, it seemed more like faux sex on ice, with those extremely arty Russian skaters, or it seemed just not very athletic), but this time – all these falls.  I came out of it feeling a bit more respect for this sport.  And, of course, watching Belbin and Agosto – the pair for whom Congress had to change Immigration law to let Belbin skate as an American.  And, they got a silver for their efforts, the first time in a long time that Americans medaled in ice dancing.  Kudos.

U.S.’ Sasha Cohen’s coming out of the short program of the women’s figure skating as  No. 1.  The Japanese skaters Arakawa and Suguri were quite good.  Emily Hughes and Kimmie Meissner were also very good.  Hmm.  And, of course, the perennial hopeful Irina Slutskaya, was very good.  So, this is going to be tough.

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