Saturday gastrofest

P and I had dimsum at Sweet n’ Tart Restaurant (the founding store is now a Custard Tart King) with YC and his family. Totally loaded up on very nice treats. Then P went off with YC’s wife to get haircuts, while we went shopping. We then regrouped at Hip Cup Cafe at Park Row. Coffee was ok – a lot of java permutations that I didn’t know about, but we blew a lot of money on lottery tickets, none of which were winners. Afterwards, we went to the Flower Market at Columbus Park. Crowded – the line went into the sidewalk through the AstroTurf soccer field. It was fun and pretty cheap – things were a few bucks apiece. Did some last minute banking, and then went to dinner at Jing Fong with P’s family. We ordered off the regular menu rather than the set menu, and came away with a dinner that P’s persnicketly mom was happy with. Afterwards, went to my mom’s house for the New Year countdown.

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate by doing pretty much nothing. Happy Lunar New Year!

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