Happy Lunar New Year!

Terrible breaking news: ABC News’ Bob Woodruff and his cameraman were injured in Iraq. Hope for the best.

ABA e-Journal’s weekly poll asked “What celebrity would be good for the US Supreme Court?” and the respondents to the poll came up with… Oprah Winfrey. Heck, why not nominate Oprah as chief justice? She’d be a fantastic inquisitor at oral arguments and she can probably be a pretty good administrator. I thought it was amusing that someone suggested Avery Brooks (the ex-Captain Sisko of Star Trek: Deep Space 9), who is not only an actor but also a Rutgers professor of acting and a pretty socially aware kind of guy (the respondent also suggested making him a governor of NJ, but, you know, I think NJ needs more than Captain Sisko to save it; the state probably needs the entire crews of the Enterprise, DS9 and Voyager to save them from their own messy governments. Then again, can someone from the alternate future come save early 21st century NYS?).

The Korean pop star trend. Hmm. Well, not like I’m up on trends, but this looked like a curiously interesting article.

The idea that the best South Asian food can be found in London or the suburbs of London … well, curiously interesting to think about.

Diwali gets its own parking holiday in NYC

NY Times compiled a list of Chinatown dim sum places, some (most?) of which we already know or have patronised.

If eating during Lunar New Year doesn’t get to you, next weekend might do it: Super Bowl Sunday. Yikes!

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