San Fran revisited

I’m in SF, actually Marin County, Novato now. I had to scramble for a flight and found a good NYC travel agent my dad uses for his China trips. I’d highly recommend Jessie from Far Eastern Travel International to get your tickets. Fast and accurate. I had basically 2 days to book a cheapo flight to SFO and she found it! Amazing because none of the on-line places could come through. The only closest one was Westchester County Airport near White Plains for $350 and that just wasn’t going to cut it. In the end Jessie found me AA tickets for $395. I’m now signed up on the OneWorld AA miles program. I think I’ll be collecting those as well 🙂

Weather was nice and good feeling to be here. I found Fox Rental car online for $15 a day. They gave me a brand new PT Cruiser (450 miles). Drives nice and competently. Other than that, nothing particularly distinguishing about the car performance. Met an Indianian woman also while waiting for Fox shuttle to pick us up. Lots of things changed with the airport, new roads, but nothing too earthshattering. Woman is in event management and doing a couple of events at Alcatraz and Sutter Winery in Wine Country. Her first time and was very excited. We chatted a bit about that and got my juices (no pun intended) flowing again at the idea of driving up there. Hmmm.

Have to focus on some business stuff here and hook up with some old friends/colleagues. That should probably tie up all my time. I doubt I’ll have the chance to make a Bay Area drive around. We’ll see.


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  1. Okay, so I’m a total retarded putz, I thought that I can sign up retroactively for the AA challenge …. I can’t which means I lost about 5300+ miles plus my Cathay Pacific TPE -> HK miles I just logged the past couple of days.

    Thankfully, I just learned that I will be doing two more flights end of this month from Taipei to Sydney, then next month from Taipei to HK again.

    I got greedy and I signed up for the Plat challenge. Think I’ll make it?

    After reading about it, it lasts for only 1 year if I successfully get the challenge. Maybe it’ll be cool to be AAdvantage Platinum. Getting international club access would be cool I think.

    Do you have it FC?

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