Boy, has it been a busy week. To quickly summarize, YC is back in the New York area (acutally New Jersey), but he barely has cell phone coverage, not to mention Internet access. P and I had dinner at Kapadokya, a Turkish restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, with him and his wife on Monday.

Earlier that day, I was locked out on the roof for about an hour. Boy it was cold.

Two days before, we had dim sum at Golden Bridge, and then went shopping around for various CDs and DVDs.

Tuesday, went to P’s work Holiday Dinner which was postponed because of the transit strike. It was at the China Club. The food wasn’t bad, but everyone was fighting to get drinks.

The second half of the TV season is just kicking butt – a lot of good shows on:

24 – part 5, premiered for 4 hours this past weekend. They tried to cram a lot of issues in that time, including mental health, single parenting, and of course, loyality. Wasn’t bad — will follow it. But doesn’t Kiefer Southerland ever get tired of this?

Battlestar Galactica also kicks butt – Adama gets promoted to admiral, but a lot of people had to suffer to get there.

Lost: It’s interesting how each survivor can be identified by occupation. Mr. Eko turns out to have a priestly past in last week’s episode. This week’s episode uncovers the Others on the opposite side of the island, and MSNBC pointed out that the Frenchwoman’s son is mentioned as being among them.

I’m pooped and I stayed up to get some work done. We’ll try this again tomorrow. Check out the flickr bar above for pictures from the week.

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  1. B- and I had a really fun time having dinner back in the ‘hood :). Butt freezing cold but still was nice. I actually felt nostalgic despite the artic blast.

    Dinner was great but will soon be hitting the diet!

    Thanks for the cell phone assist FC.


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