The Third Week of January


Is Mayor Bloomberg starting to sound like a New Yorker?

Bensonhurst memories, back when it was still an Italian-American enclave.

Saturday – I saw “Match Point” – creepy movie. Woody Allen does London. And, I’m no movie aficionado, but it felt like he was trying to hail Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock. Can’t say if I liked the movie or not.

Sunday – I saw “Last Holiday,” the Queen Latifah movie directed by Wayne Wang. Queen Latifah and LL Cool J were fun. And, the movie portrays a Lousiana in either a Pre-Hurricane Katrina or a universe where Katrina didn’t happen. Either way, it was a nice movie. Oh, and I love movies where food is symbolic – just watching the cooking makes one feel good. Sort of how “Babette’s Feast” and “Eat Man Drink Woman” did it.

NFL football – too bad about the Indianapolis Colts not getting it. But, come on – you play lousy, you lose.

Wacky winter weather – fog for most of Friday; thunderstorms on Friday night; wet Saturday; frigid cold Sunday. Somewhat better on Monday. What, no snow/hail/locusts?

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