“House” last night – whoa. Stuck in snowy Baltimore and no way to get home to Princeton, NJ. Umm, sorry, Dr. House, but couldn’t you just hop in a car and drive up the I-95? Or was there too much snow for that? (only on tv would the Eastern seaboard have so much snow two winters in a row (see, last season, “House” also portrayed a pretty snowy winter)). The junior doctors proved not that able without their crazy leader. Dr. Wilson appears to be really cheating on his wife (geez, do you want a fourth divorce, Wilson?). Oh well. And, it remains to be seen when and how House’s own love life gets resolved (or maybe never resolved; who knows?). At least the ratings look quite good for the first House episode of 2006.

J.K. Rowling explains what made her to write Harry Potter as an orphan.

And, according to the NY Times, the British have only begun to realize that drinking alcohol excessively might not always be a good thing.

And, the NY Times has quite a series on the diabetes epidemic in the city. Here’s the story on Asians and diabetes.

Jan. 23-27, 2006, and Jan. 30-Feb. 3, 2006 – NYC’s Restaurant Week. Check out the list of participating restaurants.

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