And More News…

The Judge Alito hearings have been interesting, I daresay. He may not be as slick as Ch. Justice Roberts, but he has various responses (or non-substantive responses, but they’re far more interesting than his opening statement). Dahlia Lithwick in Slate continues to be quite amusing, I daresay, regarding the Alito hearings. (from what I watched on tonight’s “Newshour” on PBS, she isn’t entirely wrong, either).

Reliever Bruce Sutter got into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Scary story: woman died smothered by her own clutter. Uh, reminders of how I have yet to fulfill my New Year’s resolution of cutting my clutter!

Time magazine has some good stuff in this week’s issue: a profile on Judge Alito; going to Pluto (which may or may not be a “planet”); and a profile on Asian-Americans (like, about time, Time!).

Phantom of the Opera really is the longest running Broadway show? Wow – I never thought anything would overcome Cats.

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