Chinese Language Catching on in US classrooms” – hmm. So, kindergarteners can learn Mandarin Chinese and I still can’t figure out Cantonese? Oh, well. Nice to see America trying to embrace multi-lingualism, as usual.

Dining articles almost makes me hungry —

Looking for a good macaroni and cheese recipe? NY Times has a nice article and some recipes.

An article on a drink that’s not sake.

Mark Bittman is encouraging readers to go back to butter.

Tips on plaintains in Newsday.

Daily News’ David Bianculli felt that Vargas and Woodruff on ABC’s World News Tonight were pretty good. I caught the new on-line World News Now webcast on ABC News on-line – it looks and feels like World News Tonight – familiarity can be a good thing. (like, keeping the theme song more or less intact, unlike Nightline’s strange break from its respectable past). So, maybe Vargas and Woodruff can do a decent job.

Speaking of Nightline, Ted Koppel, his executive producer, and a number of Nightline staff got signed on to Discovery channel, to do the stuff Ted wants to do. Well, good luck to Ted. And, gee, will I really have to give in to getting cable someday???

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