Post Holiday Angst

The WMF Microsoft exploit is causing a lot of trouble, and not just because of the mad scrambling for countermeasures for a Windows flaw that only requires you to view a bad picture. SANS, a separate security group, is asking users to install their unofficial independent fix for the flaw until Microsoft puts out their scheduled Tuesday update. What does this mean for the Windows platform – more organized third-party support, a public relations retreat later on this week, or the forced migration of more users to Apple or Linux?

Winter showers: the leak’s back on again in the bathroom. Had about 2-3 gallons of water come out from the side of the patched ceiling. I almost think that someone upstairs is just dumping water down a hole or something, because it doesn’t seem to be connected with actually using the shower – it tends to occur afterwards.

Cool sounds: on is a discussion about Holophonic Sound – you have to use headphones, but it gives a 3D effect to sound. You can actually hear the things go left to right, and even above and behind. Try listening to the following sounds on your MP3 player – they’re really cool:


Edge World Question Center offers this year’s Most Dangerous Ideas. Fascinating!

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