6 days of Christmas

My original entry here got wiped out in a browser crash, but the outline of what was my week included:

  • 100 miles of driving (ZipCar to the rescue): 2 round trips to Starrett City, 2 round trips to Richmond Hill, 2 round trips to my Mom’s house. Amazingly I got a car on Christmas Day, although I had to go to Brooklyn College to get it.
  • several meals: Christmas dinner: chino latino style – pernil, rice and peas, mac and cheese, hoisin chicken, stirfried veggies; dinner at our sentimental favorite Essex (the Wednesday lobster special is very nice); another dinner with college friends at GermanChristmasWonderlandTavernontheGreenonLSD restaurant Rolf’s (recommended, reservations a must).
  • much relaxing, catching up on tv using the new Slingbox that P’s brother in law got me, and going to try out Civilization IV (email game anybody?). I will try it out before I continue working on my annual New Year’s message (which for some reason got a lot of hits from Yahoo this week). It will be something slightly different this year.

More tomorrow….

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