Lion, Witch, Wet Wardrobe

Comments on previous posts:
1. Caught Narnia on Sunday. Very good, although P- asked, “Where’s Gandolf?” at the battle scene. Cute triple entendre on J.R.R Tolken’s influence on C.S. Lewis. (Some people have been having problems with Wikipedia — that comes with an enterprise that is so extravagant, but having access to such a compendium of knowledge is worth the growing pains that it has.)

2. Choya Umeshu – Japanese Plum infused liquor – Absolutely delicious! They had a sale at Astor Wine – we picked up a 750ml bottle of Dento grade for about $20. 100% worth it.

3. Deluge part 3: the handyman finally got wallboard to cover the hole after spending 2 months finding the hole where the upstairs tenants were having a waterpark experience, but one of the tenants had a sudden urge to reinact Singing in the Rain, and we ended up with another warm bucket worth of water in our bathroom. At 12:30 in the morning, P and I are having a shouting match with this Japanese chick in her twenties. Her argument basically went, “I took a shower, and you’re wet, but it’s not my problem. Take it up with the landlord.” P inspected her bathroom, and detected a cover-up — she found where it was leaking again, and it was damp, even though it looked like it was wiped up. This is going to be fun tomorrow with the landlord.