Crisscross Christmas

Did a lot of driving today (more accurately P did a lot of driving, I just tagged along) — picked up P’s mom at Starrett City, went to the Ave. U chinatown to buy hotpot supplies. Lunch at Pho Hoai Restaurant, 1906 Avenue U (recommended!); back to Starrett; back to Brooklyn Heights to pick up pies and my folding table and the Christmas gifts. Back to Starrett City for the actual hotpot dinner. Back to Brooklyn Heights for Midnight Mass. Suffice to say, a lot of travelling. Tomorrow, I’m cooking a very Puerto Rican Christmas dinner — I’m going to try to pull of a pernil (roast pork marinated with garlic), Spanish rice, and a few Chino-latino dishes. P’s family is coming over also.

Best wishes to all for a healthy Christmastime, and time to start working on my traditional end of the year entry…..

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