Last Weekend Before Xmas

On Friday night, co-workers and I went to the Atlantic Chip Shop. Good stuff – I can’t believe how much fried food I could dare to eat! I somehow resisted the fried Twinkie.

I finished reading “The Rule of Four.” Check out the official website as well. Fascinating book, a DaVinci Code-meets-A-Separate Peace. The friendships of the characters, four seniors in their final semester at Princeton in 1999, grappled with their loosened-tightened bonds while one friend, Paul, is trying to finish his thesis on a mysterious Renaissance book – reminded me a lot of how the friendships in “A Separate Peace” were developed and torn apart and re-established and reflected. The mystery was very strange. I liked how the co-authors were themselves friends from college (one from Princeton, and the other from Harvard, who took on their dreams of being authors).

Christmas stuff in the works – shopping? Card-distributing? Um, yeah! I’m on it, really!

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