Transit Strike?

Well, a NYC tradition – awaiting the MTA vs. the Union thing. As of the hour that I’m writing this, negotiations continue. Hope continues, as 1010 WINS News reports.

I couldn’t avoid watching Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice,” could I? Well, I watched most of it. I posit that The Donald could have picked both people (they’re certainly quite fine, as compared to past two finalists, where one was overwhelmingly better than the other).

This week’s Dr House was cra-azy. House helps a Munchausen patient (the kind of patient who deliberately makes herself ill to get attention). Dr. Foreman has no clue that he’s just like House?! But, he’s younger, so he may still be able to avoid the mistakes (in life) House has made. Dr. Chase may be finally on the road of personal redemption? And, man, can Dr. Cameron turn her internal bitch on! We need more Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard is still quite a looker, even as he’s no longer in his first youth).

Let’s hope for a reasonable commute in the morning. Pretty please!

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