Phases of the Day

On television:
Science Channel show “Hot Rocks: Geology of Civilization”: imagine Ringo Starr pronouncing the phrase
“domesticated cereals”: the first thing I thought of was Captain Crunch going legit?

Embattled PBS news show “The Journal Editorial Report” ended its run today to move to Fox Network. The right say that PBS affiliates either are not running the show or are putting it in late night time slots. The left points to the alleged unethical push for the show by ex CPB Chair Kenneth Tomlinson. I think that its always refreshing to check out different perspectives, for the same reason it isn’t redundant to read both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

But what does this country want? TV is no longer just a dozen or less broadcast channels; it is now hundreds of channels. Do we get diversity of opinion on each and every network, or do we get it by offering a diversity of channels, each with well-defined points of view?

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