Real or As Seen on TV

Some TV shows:

Commander in Chief: timely discussion about the death penalty with the Virgina commutation of a death sentence. In reality, the U.S. President doesn’t have the power to commute a state crime such as murder, only federal ones.

Amazing Race, Family Edition: I’m finding it hard to follow what is going on. With 4 teams remaining going into the home stretch, you still have to keep track of 16 people, which is a lot more than you normally have at this stage of the race. Also, keeping track of the host Phil, who showed up at the end of the episode someplace in Arizona. Two teams ran themselves rugged to the mat only to be told by Phil that they had not reached the pit stop. It’s like, to be continued, here’s the next clue, see you at the end of the next episode. The groans….

Just one more thing — to the people who keep coming up with the slogan backdrops, like the one today for “Plan for Victory” — you are freaking out the public. What’s the next one, “War is Peace“?

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