Beijing Day 3

Today was a much nicer day here in Beijing… sun came out, from the 23rd floor, I could actually see something, not a lot but not bad. Needed the warmth because am coming down with a cold, sore throat and sniffles and sneezing :(. Haven’t had that in a while.

Last night’s dinner was interesting. Went to a restaurant specializing in Guizhou cuisine. What that means is goose was prominent. We had goose roasted goose heads, goose intestine, goose soup in clay pot. The other interesting speciality of this restaurant located in Zhongguancun area was dog meat. Particularly dog meat in a hot pot :-o. My friend and I took a pass.

Tonight’s dinner was cool, very interesting variation of the hotpot. Spicy but with hoisin sauced mixed in there. You can choose a bunch of different ingredients that’s cooked in a thick sauce on a hot plate. Yummy. Good winter food. Had to come back early for a conference call, otherwise would have gone in for some spa action… maybe tomorrow. My classmates and dinner mates will probably hit up some Korean food tomorrow night. There’s a little Korean town thing near Zhongguancun and our hotel which we can do. It’s fun.

Seminar is pretty weak but I’ll get my PDUs so I don’t care much. Hit up a supermarket this evening after dinner and got some OJ, vitamin C drops and Halls for my cold. Hope it’s not too late. Can’t afford to be sick :-|.

If it gets too lame, I might join my new friends on a Beijing sightseeing tour…..

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  1. Sounds like food, folks, and fun! OK, I’ve made a new city category, Beijing. It’s the first city on the list I’ve actually haven’t been to yet.

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