The Short Work Week Continues

Thank goodness tomorrow’s Thursday, so that Veteran’s Day Friday is not far away and I can enjoy a long weekend.

Oh, jeez, I watched “NCIS” on CBS again last night. Curiously interesting, when the FBI and NCIS end up on competing operations and then end up joining forces (since, you know, it’s that much more efficient and, you know, who wants to hear more BS about agencies not working together?).

“House” last night on FOX – weird medical mystery of the week, when the new college grad patient turns out to have been ill because of exposure to a radioactive material that his junkyard-owning dad found. Yikes. Dr. Wilson’s pissed that Dr. House kept asking him to loan him money to test him (Wilson), to see how much money Wilson would give before finally asking the money back from House (i.e., how much does Wilson value his friendship with House? Answer: $5,000). House buys a cool motorcycle. (Wilson believes said motorcycle was out of the loaned $5,000; House proves otherwise when he repays $5,000 by whipping out his checkbook; Wilson can only say, “Sure, a drug addicted disabled man driving a motorcyle…” – that’ll make anyone feel good). House, can you say “midlife crisis”? (well, okay, so the actor, Hugh Laurie, likes motorcycles all his life in real life, so the writers passed this interest onto his character House, who apparently liked motorcycles even before he became disabled). At least, House is moving on with his life, accepting that he can still enjoy cool stuff despite his cane. House’s parents come to town. (Seriously, the guy has parents? And, they seem like nice people, and yet he’s still a (psychologically) screwed up guy? And, he feels guilty for being screwed up, thereby disappointing his parents for being a screwed up guy? For Pete’s sake, stop looking so morose in front of your parents then, House! Well, ain’t going to happen). Plenty of laughs for an ultimately sad episode. Next week’s preview suggests that House’s obsession with the ex-fiancee he loves to hate continues.

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