Election Day!

If you have not done so, go vote. Do your civic duty. Plus, it’s a nice day, so go outside. (easy for me to say, since I’ve got the day off).

An interesting story on Time.com – dare we eliminate the third year of law school? Wendy Cole reports:

The first year of law school is notoriously difficult, but other than lining up employment, what exactly happens during the third? Given that even professional litigators have a hard time coming up with a good answer, at least one school has decided to eliminate the year of living lazily. Starting next summer, attorneys-in-training at the University of Dayton will be able to complete coursework in two years, rather than the traditional three. The accelerated program—just approved by the American Bar Association—is the first of its kind in the U.S. [….]

So if they can shave off a year from their studies, does that mean they’ll pass along the cost savings to starter clients by lowering hourly rates? Don’t bet on it. But seasoned legal experts aren’t automatically nixing the concept. Says one veteran litigator, “You don’t learn anything in the third year of law school anyway, so they may as well shorten it.” In any case, long-winded professors seemingly need not apply.

So, this week, in the land of “Doonesbury,” Mike and his daughter continue the college tours trip, paying a visit to Mike’s alma mater, Walden. They drop by on Mike’s old commune, which is now home to B.D. and Boopsie, and Zonker, the ex-nanny to Alex. A warm reunion, but for Zonker’s lack of realization that Alex can take care of herself. Well, actually, despite what Mike may think of his daughter, I’d wonder if Alex can really hold her own with her half-uncle Jeff Redfern, the Walden senior (who really is clueless for a kid who’s been recruited by the CIA)…

Oh, and last night’s “Two and a Half Men” on CBS was quite funny, with Martin Sheen (dad of Charlie Sheen) playing the dad of Rose, the stalker/girlfriend-wanna-be of Charlie Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper. Considering the Sheens’ resemblance to each other, what does that mean? That Rose is obsessed about a guy who looks like her dad? But, funnier, her dad, Harvey, becomes obsessed with the Harper brothers’ mom, the much married Mrs. Harper. Yikes. Martin Sheen must be looking for other things to do with “West Wing” winding down.

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