Thursday into Friday

So, the whole big news of the day: Harriet Miers, Supreme Court nominee, withdrew. On the one hand, we could see it coming. She didn’t look like quality; she may be a good lawyer, but she wasn’t the epitome of a nominee. The Right Wingers had to be reassured by the White House’s tack of “She’s a conservative,” but evidentally, not quite (which scared the hell out of the Right Wingers). The Democrats could only stand back, and it means what? No one defended Miers on a substantive sense. And, now she’s out. It felt bad, because this means what, exactly – that we’re going to face a true conservative nominee to placate the Right Wingers? It’s making me nervous, I daresay. I have yet to read the analyses on-line or the newspapers, but it looks like we’re back to the drawing board in terms of watching the White House pick who again. The bright side in this is that at least Sandra Day O’Connor is still in the Court.

The White House is supposed to be busy anyway.

The latest “Doonesbury” continues to be amusing (or sad, if you want to think of it in another way), as J.J. continues to demonstrate how very much out of her teenager’s life she really is. J.J. wants to contribute to helping Alex decide on what college to apply, but didn’t even realize that her daughter is a geek. Alex has been a pioneer in the Internet, with patents and plans to go to a tech-inclined school, which Mike, the dad who supported this in the first place by having gone on-line all those years ago, is fully aware. J.J. didn’t even realize when Alex already took the SAT’s? Geez, J.J. is turning out so much worse than her own mom (Joanie got her act together and got her life in neater terms, with her career as a D.C. lawyer; J.J. probably had no sense to pull herself together).

And, Doonesbury had to pull its storyline for next week, in light of the lack of Harriet Miers hearings. Aww…

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