The passing of Civil Rights icon, Rosa Parks.

The passing of the NY Giants owner/football industry icon, Wellington Mara. Check out the Associated Press coverage – at least Mara got to enjoy the winning game on Sunday.

The latest Doonesbury storyline: Mike Doonesbury is taking his daughter, Alex, on the college tours. MIT, Cornell, Rensselaer, and… Walden? J.J., Alex’s mom, points out that this isn’t the ideal college. Alex figures it’s her safety school, and she’s a legacy (since Mike is an alumnus and so was, I believe, J.J.’s mom). Understandably, Mike gets outraged with his ex wife’s underwhelming reaction to Alex’s intention to apply to Walden. J.J. points out that even he took Walden off his resume. Mike weakly rebuts with “Well, it was years ago…” Walden, hardly the best college in North America. (ironically, it was originally Yale, since Garry Trudeau was using his alma mater as the home of his characters back when his characters were in a college newspaper).

I watched a bit of “Prison Break” on Monday night – goodness, is the actor Wentworth Miller (as the Prison Break mastermind Michael) a cutie or what? (umm, never mind – but I get all happy when he’s on the screen 😉 ah, well…). Michael’s teenage nephew, L.J., is heading into more serious trouble, as the Evil Secret Service guy is after him (and had killed off L.J.’s mom and stepdad; geez, Michael, do you realize how much deep shit your family’s in because your brother/L.J.’s dad is on Death Row?). Crazy and hard to stomach tv.

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