Blood Drive

I donated blood today at the drive at work. It almost didn’t happen, because I didn’t get to eat lunch until about 5. The boss is away until Thursday, so I’ve been in charge. The wireless contractor couldn’t figure out why our access points in our building weren’t working; actually they were working, but the tracking software lost track of their states. Spent most of the day trying to get the last few things working for the weekend hardware upgrade. Finally decided to get the mail, get my absentee ballot at the Board of Elections (took 3 people 30 minutes to figure out how to do it). Didn’t get a burger until 5. Wolfed it down while getting the last few things done at work, and hoping to finish the meal before my 6 pm appointment.

The nurse taking my medical history was watching the TV in the lounge, and they were showing the descent of the JetBlue plane that had the twisted front landing gear. She was freaked out because she just flew them from Miami. This time around was not so bad, because I had loaded up on liquids before I went there. The free gifts this time around was either a free Blockbuster rental, or a free pint of beer. Since I hate Blockbuster, I went for the beer.

I read the absentee ballot when I got home. Did you know after the columns for Republican (column A), Democratic (B), etc., there in column H is the “Rent is Too Damn High” party??? I’m not making this up. The basic party plank is that all rents are to be frozen for 8 to 12 years, and cap them at $550 per month. Takes some nerve, but just seeing it on a ballot just made my day.

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