Monday into Tuesday

Late Saturday night, I was in the mood not to go to sleep just yet, and the next thing I knew, I was watching “Airplane II.” Those Airplane movies were funny stuff – Robert Hayes as Ted Styker, the hapless pilot; Julie Haggerty as Elaine, his love interest; and the guest stars galore; and a plotline that actually makes sense (as crazy as it is). Airplane II has Peter Graves (Capt. Ouver, meet your subordinates, Under and Dunn…); William Shatner; Sonny Bono (before he became Congressman and long after his Cher days); David Leisure (the ex-Joe Isuzu); Lloyd Bridges; Rip Torn; and countless others. Even a Star Trek reference (well, you can’t escape that when you have Shatner).

Since the ChiSox are awaiting who they’re vying against in the World Series, Monday night, we have St. Louis beating Houston, in a sudden 9th inning move. “We have a problem, Houston…”

Fall reading:

“The First Emancipator : The Forgotten Story of Robert Carter, the Founding Father Who Freed His Slaves,” by Andrew Levy – book on a Virginian who freed his slaves (before he died), in the era of early post-Independence America. Fascinating read.

“The Brethren” – by Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong. In the midst of the Supreme Court nominations, I dug out my old copy of the classic (back from my college days) and read it, finishing on Sunday night. The look at the end of the Earl Warren Court and the transition of the Warren Burger Court. The look at Burger is … well, strange. The portrayal of all the justices – all ultimately human. Highly recommended.

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