It’s summer doldrums

So global warming is the real deal….Scorching hot all around the world.

This past few days in Ipoh, even the locals are complaining that it’s been really unbearable. And I thought it was just me. Lamenting about the lack of I-infrastructure here, making it difficult to get online without finding a nearby I-cafe. There are some nice ones. Currently borrowing my cousin’s Streamyx system. Satisfactory.

Some days I just need to vent and wonder why. I”m tired, hot, and over-stuffed (from the non-stop eating), over-socialized and just need some time alone. I’ve got to get some paperwork out for the latest PMBOK 2004 rrevisions and then tomorrow, 6:30am ride to KL for two meetings, one with the US Embassy and then another in Petaling Jaya. Doing it without wheels will be challenging as M’sia has become a motorized country – like California. No wheels? SOL.

It’s been good to visit family here and getting to know M’sia again. As I get older, I realize that all the times that I spend with my family here are the happy times for me. Family is important. All the rest, I leave it in God’s hand.


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