Digital Recording

Long time no blog. The revolutionary change in the household is the Time Warner DVR. This combines the better of New York’s 2 cable companies with digital recording. They’ve even solved the problem of what to do if there are 2 shows head-to-head – 2 tuners that can both record at the same time. While this maximizes the value of cable, it is guaranteed to kill any remaining free time that I might have.

P & I are adjusting to life together. Did a whole lot of grocery shopping that should keep us. We had the plumbing fixed — the water flow wasn’t right. YC came by the house to relive one of our marathon chat fests, going until 3 in the morning. He returned back to Taipei on Sunday. We’re going to have to try to do it again via Skype.

I’m travelling to Chicago for another conference on Wednesday. More blogging opportunities, but I have to fix my wireless internet on my laptop.

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