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NY Times’ “How did house bands become a Filipino export?”: yes, it’s true. I saw it myself at YC’s wedding hotel in Ipoh.

Andersen Reversal: P’s sister used to work for Arthur Andersen before she was laid off post-9/11. It’s unlikely she’s going to get back the last 3 years; will prosecutors go for the do-over?

Didn’t win Mega Millions last night. My mom had a premonition to look out for the number 42, so I played it. P’s and I’s sushi bill turned out to be $42, and our supermarket shopping totaled $41.22. Not exactly the link to $92 million.

YC is still MIA. His mom was going to be discharged today. He was supposed to meet up with me on Monday, but it didn’t happen. I also lost his phone number when I switched my phone from AT&T to Cingular, which wiped out my voice mail and call logs. Anyhoo, I’ll wait to hear back from him.

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