This week

I will refrain from saying much more about the Star Trek series finale just yet. I thought the final two episodes were initially strong; still feel the next to last episode was strong; yet increasingly feel that the series finale was… more to be desired (perhaps I have been since influenced by the on-line message boards, or just on further reflection, or what).

“Survivor” – funny how that show remains a compelling watch.

This week, the tv networks decide what to renew or cancel. On my would-love-to-see-renewed: WB’s “Jack and Bobby” – but its season (?) finale was so… well, a finale indeed. But, great show. CBS’ “Joan of Arcadia” is on the bubble too – not sure how did it get to be on the bubble. It had pretty strong (well, critically, I guess; don’t know the ratings numbers) episodes. It got dark though. I’d like it to stick around. “Arrested Development” deserves to stick around.

I think “Scrubs” is going to be around (what will NBC do?) – and maybe as to “Joey” (but just not funny enough). NBC needs help.

Very glad that “Veronica Mars” and “House” are already renewed. I have no idea what ABC’s plans are as to “Grey’s Anatomy” – but I enjoy it. Hope it sticks around.

Curious to know what new offerings may be in the fall. I still like the idea of tv seasons (routine is nice, in a world where routines are declining), and I don’t hate reruns (these fans of “Lost” and “Desperate Housewives” act like reruns are the bane of society; get a life and a grip and enjoy the freakin’ reruns!). I do find reality shows tiresome, but it’ll be awhile before the networks do decide to show more interesting stuff. Unless I get cable. Or buy DVD’s of my favorite (cancelled) shows. But, either ain’t happening. Oh well.

Enjoy the work week…

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