I like this interview that Tavis Smiley just did on PBS with Henry Winkler, the former Fonzie of “Happy Days.” Smiley asked Winkler how did he deal with the setbacks of his career/life (having dyslexia and avoiding the threat of being typecasted as just Fonzie), and Winkler said he learned that having a learning disability meant that he had to find new ways to learn (ok, lot of repetition on “learn”). This motivated him to become what he is today. And, then Winkler said he worked as hard as he did, because he was afraid to see himself in a “Where are they now?” tv show, so that drove him. “Tenacity and fear” said Winkler, got him through life. Hmm. Thumbs up. A life lesson indeed!

(oh, and yes, I know he’s Henry Winkler, but I can’t help it that I still see him as Fonzie. Pardon!).

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