Last night, my colleagues and I continued our Brooklyn Restaurant week sampling, trying out the The Soul Spot, a Caribbean/soul food restaurant, on Atlantic Ave. and Smith St. Good food for a little place. Pricing moderate. Mmm.

Tomorrow, we’ll be doing Planet Thailand in Williamsburg. This restaurant week thing has been fun.

Oh, and yeah, Tax Day tomorrow. Cue the Beatles: “Yeah, I’m the Tax Man. Yea-ah…”


–> I picked Illinois to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament; of course, that didn’t work out (U of North Carolina; oh well). Now, I’m trying to avoid making predictions about the Mets – if they can just break even after their losing streak, that’d be just great.

–> It took weeks, but I did it – I finished reading Dante’s “Divine Comedy.” Quite epic. Left me thinking a lot.

Hmm. That was some “Alias” episode last night – see, last week, Jack entered a nuclear plant’s radioactive chamber to turn the thing off, so that he could save his daughter Sydney’s life. Sydney, though, doesn’t realize the risk he took, and Marshall (the lovable tech guy) desparately tries to tell Jack that he’s developing a mutation/potentially fatal cancer-like condition. Very bad. Meanwhile, Vaughn struggles to figure out if it’s worth it to go rogue on the CIA, while he’s blackmailed to believe that his CIA agent father is alive and a traitor. Meaty stuff. Liked the episode – it had the crazy “Alias” style of old.

TGIF tomorrow…

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