Brooklyn Restaurant Week!

It’s Brooklyn Restaurant Week, 4/11/05 to 4/20/05! Three course meals for $19.55, at selected restaurants, in honor of the Dodgers. My colleagues and I checked out Dhaka, a new Indian restaurant on Atlantic Ave., and we enjoyed the selection/moderate pricing, such that we ended up getting outside the 19.55 special (well, that meant ordering soup, appetizer and main course, and I just wasn’t into soup tonight). But, anyway, the food was quite good and very filling. Highly recommended; the owners/maitre d’s were practically more than enthusiastic about asking us to recommend the place to our friends. (Yeah, can we have a retainer to do that? — 😉 — talk about networking) — no, really, very good food, and I’m not into Indian food.

Anyway, so my colleagues and I are plotting to try another restaurant. So fun. Here’s the detailed list on the selected restaurants, plus the NY Daily News’ comments on their favorite Brooklyn restaurants of the list.

Beautiful weather. It is spring indeed.

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