The worst day of the year

Some depressing folks in the UK had declared January 24 as the “worst day of the year”, mostly because it is depressing post holiday, people are broke from holiday spurging, and to top it off, it’s a Monday.

The commute in from Sheepshead Bay really sucked – the B train was stuck twice on the way in towards Manhattan, finally giving up the ghost after an hour’s commute at 7th Avenue, Brooklyn. I walked to the 3 train stop at Bergen Street; P turned around and went back home. The guy I was expecting from Washington DC actually made it in 30 minutes before I go there.

The C train has been KO’ed by some bum starting a bonfire in a shopping cart, destroying the switching station at Chambers Street. Estimated repair: 5 years and millions of dollars! The A train will be manually switched, cutting capacity by 2/3rds. On the other hand, it makes the V train useful now, as it will take over the C train line from West Fourth Street to Euclid Avenue. They’re going to recreate the exact same system from 1910, instead of going to some sort of computer control like the one being implemented for the L train. I don’t get it.

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