“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

Yep, it’s coming down. The meteorologists and the mayor have all said it’s going to be as bad as the blizzard of 1996, when the city had to be shut down. I’m trying to stay skeptical – but, it really is coming down.

The comic strip, “Annie” – apparently resolves its weird storyline – wherein Vail, the crazy man who’s convinced that the iguanas from Mars will take him to see his dead mother, has jumped a cliff, despite Daddy Warbucks’ telling him to don’t jump. Oh-kay. It’s so weird, it’s actually good.

The Bush inauguration, Term 2 – as a historical matter, I’ll admit – pomp and circumstance gives the country pomp and circumstance. A government in place for 200-odd years, we have democratic continuity and smooth transition. We have “Hail to the Chief” (thanks to’s “Explainer” for explaining the song). And, it was nice to see Chief Justice Rehnquist making a public appearance and doing the job (best wishes to him for recovery). But, I only have two other comments – saying “freedom” lots of times may or may not be terribly persuasive; and “tyranny” – what? I thought our fears were terrorism, not tyranny. Ok, no more political commentary now.

Apprentice III – why is Apprentice back so soon? It’s just too soon. And, where are the pretty people? The cast this time looks less attractive (the men certainly; the women – well, I just don’t think they look professional this time). And, the way they jumped on the geeky marketing guy in the board room – I mean, yeah, so you don’t like him, but your project manager ought to be fired. Glad Trump didn’t make a dumb firing this time. But, I find myself less inclined to want to watch much. And, no, I really don’t care about Trump’s third wedding in Florida today. He’s bailing out on the snow in town so that his bride can wear this 50lb dress? Good grief.

Anyway, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Stay inside, eat warm food, watch tv and read a good book.

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