I think that a world record for simultaneous schadenfreude was earned by the fans of the Amazing Race today when Jonathan and Victoria were Philiminated, after failing to read the clue saying that they had to bring two donkeys. That has to be the most humiliating elimination of one of the most obnoxious couples in reality show history, where even mild mannered Phil Keogan had a gleem in his eye at the pit stop. Good riddance!

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  1. Now that Jonathan and Victoria are done, we can do the Dance of Joy (yes, a TV reference – remember “Perfect Strangers” gag where Balki and Cousin Larry did the dance?) — personally, as much as Jonathan turned into the Pyschologically Abusive Husband, Victoria turned into Shrew Wife (not to say she deserved to be abused in any way; just to say that those two were nasty). I mean, really – TWO donkeys, dimwits! ;-D I don’t like the rest of the contestants, though – could it be that the Dating Models will win? ….

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