Star Jones is apparently no longer a lawyer, by noting in her tax forms that she is now a tv personality, instead of attorney. Hmm. Has she told her state bar/court administration of that? Is she on a non-practicing basis? Is she allowed to not worry about continuing legal education requirements like the rest of us lawyers? Hmm.

According to’s Daniel Gross in “Who needs Harvard?”, having an Ivy League degree does not guarantee that one will become a CEO of a Fortune 500 company and these Fortune 500 companies are recruiting less Ivy Leaguers. Apparently, the Ivy Leaguers of wealthy backgrounds are off to be volunteers, artists, hikers of Asia, and consultants of consulting companies. They would be less likely to be working yuppie stiffs. Uh hmm. Sure.

Last night’s “Amazing Race” – the models were lucky that was not an elimination round. Oh, and the nutty psychologically abusive husband’s wife got bitchy on him. Hmm.


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