Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year in 2005 everybody. (Now I get to spend the next couple of weeks writing 2004 by mistake and deleting “4” for “5”…)

Some preliminary resolutions (which may or may not happen) —
– updates to my website (still barebones, but at least has stuff on it)
– drink more water
– take vitamins
– exercise just a little more
– have better sleeping habits
– have more disciplined writing habits
– be a better person… (uh, yeah, right…)
Etc., etc.

Saw “Ocean’s Twelve” yesterday. Fun movie watching a cast have fun. George Clooney is fun. Matt Damon – fun. Brad Pitt is just beautiful (eye candy… umm, well, he does demonstrate some acting chops, but he’s still beautiful to look at). Plot holes are… holey. (“Ocean’s Eleven” probably had a better plot, but not as fun in feeling). Thumbs up anyway.

Oh, heck, one more Christmas card to send out, for fear of offending anyone. Thank goodness that there are 12 days of Christmas to cover me….

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