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How is it that we are condemned to repeat the mistakes of the past? This is what disturbs the rapidly aging cadre of Hakka lead by my uncle. They are trying to justify the future of the Hakka identity to the next generation, and they are having a hard time doing it. Why are they? That is the mystery that every minority ethnic group needs to confront.

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  1. This is a question that the Hakka’s are grappling with in Taiwan. It’s just a small by-line in the greater Taiwanese identity :|. Check out the Taiwanese Hakka council efforts here with this [url=http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2004/12/16/2003215309]news article[/url]

    Belated Christmas blessings and cheer from me in Taipei. And before I forget a happy and safe New Year as well. Hope to catch up with some folks via phone calls soon. That includes you too FC!


  2. This is a question that afflicts the Taiwanese Hakka’s but in a smaller scale of who/what is a Taiwanese? Check out the Taiwanese Hakka Council efforts to combat irrelevance as reported in this article: Hakka council seeks to preserve dying dialects.

    Hakka people are great assimilators, they are the nomads of the Chinese and very easily adaptable to their adopted countries. This is true even of the Malaysian Hakkas, although the Malaysian Hokkien/Fujianese don’t seem to have as much problem in retaining their language. Hmmmm…. good questions.


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