Eh, so let me know if I have to pay up, and how should I do that (cash, check, money order, dinner…): Time magazine names George W. Bush the Person of the Year. That was too easy for Time to do – I mean, the president is the person of the year for every year he’s president, for every decision he makes (good or bad). (my brother said that the runner up choice was Karl Rove, which would have really made me ill). Eh. I’m just not all that impressed by this selection. And, to think about it, had Kerry won the election this year, he would have been the person of the year (although, his campaign was hardly anything nicely run). Was my idea of the American voter such a bad idea (considering the overload of media coverage and recovery from the 2000 election?)….

Anyway, it’s Xmas week… Enjoy…

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