Pass the Plate Lunch

It’s 22 degrees F out, and New York can use all of the warmth it can get. So when L&L Hawaiian Barbecue opened on Fulton St., it was a quick taste of sunshine that I had experienced last year. It’s half way between the Seaport and the Fulton St. A station, across from the Burger King. If you’re just starting out, get the mini-plate versions of the plate lunch, which are really the human size, and will set you back $5. The regular size plates can easily serve 2-3 people, and cost around $8. The chicken katsu is the speciality. If you’re real poor (like me after Christmas), get the Spam musubi, which is a 1/4 inch slab of SPAM luncheon meat marinated in soy sauce and quickly grilled, then placed on a wedge of hot sushi rice and wrapped in nori. 2 for $3. P and I on Sunday barely survived the glutony that is L&L. Recommended.

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