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Been working on a few behind the scenes items with the blog. First, I think I got the email blogging thing working, at least to the point that I like it. Second, I got the email from the phone thing working. If you want to try it, let me know. This will help blogging through email without actually having to have web access. I’m also evaluating what to do with my accumulated photos. There’s a freeware gallery package, and there was a service that was advertised on Slashdot that I might look into. However, since the photo by email feature is working, it’s not as necessary.

The posting time thing seems to be broken; I have to look into that one. Also the comment spammers are back, promoting diet pills. We’ll need to figure something else out. In any case, you
can just blog and put in a link to the thing you want to comment on, and the system should link it together as a comment.

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