In index news, the cost of the Twelve Days of Christmas Index is up 2.4% over last year, counted individually; the weighted index, counting the drummers drumming in a 12 to 1 ratio to the partridge in the pear tree is only up 1.6%. Amazingly, you can buy everything over the Internet for a $10,000 surcharge over the approximately $17,200 “retail” cost.

Of course, you have to remember the Economist’s Big Mac Index. Look for the third column to see which countries have more bang for your buck when the dollar is at historic lows.

According to Slashdot, The English version of Chosun says that SMS and instant messaging has overtaken email as the perferred method of communication in Korea by “young people”. Slashdot writers make fun of SMS’s ghetto spelling. The “older people” in Korea apparently sue book publishers for defamation of Confucius.

Freeplay Music, royality free soundtracks, had their 2 millionth download. I’ve used a few for some work projects; I think I’ve heard a few of them on some commercials.

P- and I saw The Incredibles on Saturday; they were no. 2 after National Treasure, the DeVinci Code wannabe movie. The Incredibles had an interesting premise: if everyone is special, does that mean no one is incredible?

New York Bar pass rate for July 2004 was a dismal 67.5%. Next July, the pass mark will go up from 660 to 675. That may just make it a 50-50 proposition.

Would you believe? Number of Asian American law school deans: 2! : Wayne State’s 37-year old Frank Wu and Yale’s Harold Koh.

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  1. I liked “The Incredibles” – funny thing is, I thought a lot of it had some mature themes that must have flown over the heads of the kids in the audience (the mid-life crisis; what do you want to do when you grow up, when the career you have is a dead-end rut; the housewife, who didn’t start out that way; the marriage in trouble; etc).

    Three cheers for Asian-American law school deans! So cool. (and, I enjoyed Frank Wu’s book “Yellow”).

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