Post-Thanksgiving Day

Work was tedious Friday. I held down the fort, but couldn’t escape that sense of boredom.

This week’s “Star Trek: Enterprise” – like I said earlier week – is there a reason why an Enterprise captain is always making history and changing the course of development of a society? (in this case, Vulcan) — or, to paraphrase Commander Riker in the pilot episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” – there’s something about the ship called “Enterprise.” Or, something like that. Why oh why Captain Archer is persisting in his effort…? Somehow, he’s the Chosen One, yet I feel like there’s a catch, there just has to be a catch to this. Plus, it’s kind of strange how Archer’s prejudice against Vulcans keep cropping up at the worst of times. But, Scott Bakula’s acting is still pretty decent stuff (always helpful to have beefed up writing).

Oh, and it’s funny how Ambassador Soval, the biggest pain in the neck Vulcan diplomat ever, has really grown to be an interesting character (the actor, Gary Graham, is pretty good too – his previous sci-fi tv acting work was in the FOX show, “Alien Nation”).

Plus, the villain Vulcan of the arc, V’las – well, apparently, he succeeds Soval as the Biggest Vulcan Pain in the Neck (or Pain in the Ass, to be more accurate). Eerily, his acting recalls his previous Trek work as Admiral Leyton, the nasty Pain in the Ass Starfleet admiral in “Deep Space Nine” who more or less took over Earth security on the basis that he knew best on how to protect Earth/the Federation from the enemies abroad. (and thus establishing the less-than-stellar view of Starfleet admirals in general, with the pleasant exception of Admiral Forrest on “Enterprise”). (Heavens knows, when that actor made his “Enterprise” appearance last week, I had the automatic thought, “Oh, this is going to be nasty. He cloaks his sinister intentions with a pompous respectability… It’s Deep Space Nine all over again or Star Trek: Insurrection…”).

Anyway, this particular episode of “Enterprise” had all the lovely references to the current events’ messiness (a.k.a., the War Against Terrorism, and the whole pre-emptive strike matter with Iraq and so forth). Very curious to see how this will all resolve… (if resolution will occur)…

Ok, enough of my Star Trek references, which are bound to fly over people’s heads. Go shopping this weekend. It’s good for the economy. (but not necessarily for your pocket book).

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