Monday into Tuesday

Ok, I’ll quit it with the political stuff, but I can resist these links…’s “Why Americans Hate Democrats – A Dialogue” – a fascinating series of articles. Really nice civilized reading (I’m still hoping that Democrats won’t cannabilize each other in this post-election period).

NY Times has an op-ed by Gary Hart (yeah, that guy from 1988’s presidential election), a Democrat who discusses how “When the Personal Shouldn’t Be Political”:

My political philosophy springs directly from Jesus’ teachings and is the reason I became active in the Democratic Party. Finally, in the qualification-to-speak category, I will seek to pre-empt the ad hominem disqualifiers. I am a sinner. I only ask for the same degree of forgiveness from my many critics that they were willing to grant George W. Bush for his transgressions.

As a candidate for public office, I chose not to place my beliefs in the center of my appeal for support because I am also a Jeffersonian; that is to say, I believe that one’s religious beliefs – though they will and should affect one’s outlook on public policy and life – are personal and that America is a secular, not a theocratic, republic. Because of this, it should concern us that declarations of “faith” are quickly becoming a condition for seeking public office. [….]

If we are to insert “faith” into the public dialogue more directly and assertively, let’s not be selective. Let’s go all the way. Let’s not just define “faith” in terms of the law and judgment; let’s define it also in terms of love, caring, forgiveness. Compassionate conservatives can believe social ills should be addressed by charity and the private sector; liberals can believe that the government has a role to play in correcting social injustice. But both can agree that human need, poverty, homelessness, illiteracy and sickness must be addressed. Liberals are not against religion. They are against hypocrisy, exclusion and judgmentalism. They resist the notion that one side or the other possesses “the truth” to the exclusion of others.

I had no idea that Gary Hart was so eloquent – I’m mightily impressed. (then again, in 1988, I was too young to understand what were the virtues of Hart – among other things – so noticing him now is interesting)

Plus, powerful language from John Dean – will Bush-Cheney really pass an olive branch to that other half of the country? Hmm.

Ok. ’nuff said.

Sports – NYC marathon was such a cool watch. (on tv, anyway – not so lucky enough to go out to see it on Sunday).

So it goes…

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