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What a bruising week! Staying up until 4 in the morning, furiously at the computer, being stressed out about politics… No, wait, that’s talking about work.

OK, if you really want to talk about the election, ultimately in my mind the process is more important than the candidates. Both Bush and Kerry would have been constrained in what they could do once elected, regardless of what “political capital” either one may have: Kerry vs. a Republican Congress, Bush with the reality of Senate filibustering and a budget full of maxed-out credit cards. I think that overall the participation and interest have been the strongest it has been in recent memory (not counting the dismal 17% showing for the 18-24 range), and right as it should be.

Unofficial draft dodging is now in vogue in the news. For those who rather be on the sidelines, Marrying a Canadian-American is an comical option. Canada is looking for 250,000 qualified men and women next year….

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